Stone Miner Mod APK

Stone Miner Mod APK v2.9 (Unlimited Money & Gems) Download

There are a lot of simulation games present on the internet, but the unique thing about the Stone Miner Mod APK is that you get to mine rocks with the truck of your choice, and you make money. You need to download and play stone miners if you are into cheerful games. ZPLAY games published it, and it is available for Android 5.0+. You can unlock more levels by playing it. The game provides you with options to either crush the rocks or sell them to earn money.

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Stone miners are a good and simple game. It doesn’t require any other method, crush the rocks, and you get money. The more the income, the more money you earn and spend further to upgrade your truck, grinders, or rail cart. Crushing rocks through your car and going around the Island mining more different colors and types of stones is all you need to do in this game.

Stone Miner Mod APK

Name Stone Miners
Publisher ZPLAY Games
Ratings 4.1/5
Size 206.73Mb
Downloads 10M
Category Simulation
Platforms Android 5.0+
MOD Features Unlimited money & gems
Latest Version 2.9

Gameplay – Stone Miner MOD APK

Stone miners is a good game, and you enjoy mining the stones and rocks either you crush them or sell them, the income you get will get raised as well as more money you get and then you need to upgrade the truck that you use for mining. You will need to mine the rocks go around all the fields, and crush gems, and there is an unlimited reward waiting for you.

You will have to crush different colors and types of rocks, so get ready, and on you go with your weapon, that is a truck, and the money you earn. Stone miner is a very decent and easy game to play. You get to enjoy a variety of stones like gold, diamond, wood, or iron, so many choices. And once you play it, you explore the island; you end up on a new island with its stones. It’s you and your truck and your game.

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Features of Stone Miner

Stone miners is an excellent simulation game with features and graphics like 3D. Following are some parts of the stone Miners.

Get yourself a truck

While playing stone miner, the first thing you need to do is pick a truck of your choice because you need a car to crush the rocks for mining. And when you get money and your income is increased, you can upgrade your truck and mine more.

Mine stone

The work you have to do is mine the stones, rocks, anything to be mined, crush it. That’s why the game is a stone miner. You mine the rocks. You get a reward from your mining, and it helps you make the vehicles modern and upgraded.

Sell the stone

If a businessman is playing the game, he came to the right place. The player learns the difference between the rocks to mine or crush and selling them instead. You have two options either mine the stone yourself or sell it. When you sell it, you get profit, and with more profit, you get a raised income, money. And you spend it on upgrading the items.

Upgrade your truck

Upgrading your truck is necessary because you get to modernize with the modern community, and that is what’s needed. When we get the reward, the items and weapons get upgraded.

Discover different islands

The island where you are crushing the rocks has all the area, and along with this, more islands are present in the game. Once you start playing the game, each level leads to the different islands; some are colorful, some are different.

Extremely unique and multiplier graphics

The publishers of ZPLAY games have developed this beautiful game to relax and enjoy their time. It is a lovely cooperative with stunning graphics. These things matter to a player’s impression of the game. The game is appealed from it, processing a new situation and mining the rocks and then rewarding at each end of the level.

Play many Levels

As you keep playing, there are more levels in the game with various stones for you to mine. Honestly, it is hard to choose where to begin. You get to mine; you get to sell stones in a different country with a foreign currency, which sounds incredible to me. Mesmerizing locations and islands are available waiting for you to be mined, so good luck with playing it.

Key Features of Stone Miner 

  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Unlocked Characters.
  • High Dame.
  • One-hit.
  • God Mode.

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How to Download & Install Stone Miner MOD APK?

Following is the guide on how you can download the stone miner mod apk:

  1. You need to search it on the website of APK pure.
  2. Click install, and the download will start.
  3. After installation, you will need to go to the setting of your device and allow privacy for unknown servers.
  4. Once you have done it, install the game.
  5. Click open and enjoy the game.

(Make sure to allow installs from unknown sources from your mobile phone’s settings)


Stone Miner Mod APK

Stone Miner Mod APK

Stone Miner Mod APK

Stone Miner Mod APK

Stone Miner Mod APK

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions.

Is stone miner an offline game?

Stone miner is an online puzzle game.

How many tiers are there in stone miners?

There are currently six tiers in miner stone: wood, diamond, stone, iron, nephrite, and gold.

Is stone miner free?

Stone miner is a free addicting game.

Is it safe to download Stone Miner APK Mod on

When someone downloads the apk file from, we’ll see the apk file on the play store and then directly download it from the link. The games and applications are completely harmless on the website.


Stone miner is an entertaining simulation game that gives you unique features and a chance to relax because it’s simple and stone-crushing. Stone miner is a game that combines the performance of some resources extract actions. In short stone, a miner is an excellent relaxing game, and you get to mine everywhere in the field.


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