spoofing Pokemon go

Pokemon Go Spoofing (Complete Guide)

yo what is going on guys in this Article i’m going to tell you how we can do spoofing pokemon go,

& how to get pokemon go spoofer and joystick totally for free on your android or ios phone and you all can get it just by following the steps,

that i’m gonna show you right now i’ve already tried it on my phone so i’ve already gotten it and i’m gonna open it right now so you can check it out and see.

How to Spoof Pokemon Go – 2020

it for yourself and then i’m gonna show you every step that i took so you can try it yourself and get the spoofing and the joystick so here it is i already have the spoofer and the joystick, Spoofing for pokemon Go

right now and i’m gonna show you how i got it so as i said before you can also get it yourself on both platforms android and ios firstly open your browser and go to redapklive

so the website that you need to go once you’re here the steps are very easy you can either go to the search bar and start searching for spoofing pokemon go or just tap on the app because,

it’s the first one in the list so tap on pokemon go and then you need to tap on the start injection button to inject the spoofer and the joystick on your pokemon go game but there is one less that you need to take for the spoofer,

and the joystick to be added to your game and that is a verification step where you need to verify that you are an actual human using this website and not a software not an automated bot and,

i’m going to show you how to do that real quick it is very easy you simply firstly are going to be presented with a verification page that looks just like this and then to complete the verification and get the spoofing and the joystick.

you simply need to complete two free offers from the list below once you do that you’re gonna get the spoofer and the joystick.

i’m gonna start with the first offer which is an app that i need to download install and then i need to post the listing on the app so i’m gonna go on and fast forward this part of the video,

while i download the app install it and then post a listing on the app alright so as i said before depending on the account you’re watching this video from you might get totally different offers and apps for yourself to complete the verification once,

you’re done with the first offer you need to go back to the browser and choose the second offer in my case i’m gonna choose slugtastic which needs to be downloaded installed and then i need to download an extra app through lucktastic app of the day,

so i’m gonna go on and fast forward as part of the video because i also need to run the app for a while and then you need to do the same thing get the next right through like tastic through the app of the day and then,

all you need to do is that you need to wait five to ten minutes and then you’re gonna get the spoofer and the joystick on your Spoofing pokemon go game and it’s gonna look just like this so let me go on and open it one more time

just for you to see it but as i said you need to wait five to ten minutes to get the spoofer and the joystick on your own game once you do that once you get the spoofer and the joystick

then you can actually go everywhere you want in the world to get your favorite pokemon and for more you can also use the joystick to walk around and you can do all this from your house you won’t need to move at all thanks for watching this video don’t Forget to ask own Question in the comment box.


spoofing Pokemon go

spoofing Pokemon go

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