HOT GYM MOD APK Get Unlimited Money And Gems Unlocked

 A fitness game HOT GYM MOD APK that will help you to stay ultra-fit and in shape and will help you out during the gym time.

The game Hot Gym is offered by Whee games limited and it would be a sin not to say that the developer has done a very good job in the creation of this game. Whether someone talks about the graphic or the gameplay, sound or any other thing, the developer has made them so good that the best user experience is given to the player playing the game.

To grow your business or to become famous in the city, hard work along with the customer is an important thing in game. Hiring different girls into your gym to help other as a personal trainer in maintaining their body is another aspect of the game.

One of the main necessities in today’s world is gym and everyone wants to stay in shape so the game has a simple and straight way of owning the gym or the trainer for gym, and help women during their work in the gym to stay fit and in shape and to make them look and fell beautiful.

The game is available and can be downloaded from Whee gaming website or at the play store and appstore.

Hot game mod apk

Name Hot Gym
Size 92 MB
Genre Casual
Current version 1.3.7
Rating 3.5 / 5.0
Requirement Android 5.0 or above
Last Updated August 26,2021
Developer Whee Games Limited
Downloads 1,000,000 +

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Features of hot gym mod apk

Following are some of the most important features of HOT GYM MOD APK

Expand the GYM

Once the customer are more and the space in gym is less, then the owner definitely have to expand the gym. The game features the option of expanding the gym if this situation comes up. The player is supposed to hire new girls in order to train the new customer, the buying of new gym equipment is also to be done if this situation comes up.

The amount of money earned from previous customers will have to be used in order to buy these equipment and also in the hiring of new staff.

Train Customers

As the owner, the player is supposed to train the girls. It is player’s duty to train the customer and to help them do the proper exercise. As the personal trainer of the girls, it is player’s duty to help them in doing the basic weight lifting along with pull and pushups and to show them the proper way of doing squats as the squats are the favorite exercise of girls.

Collect points

As the player trains the girls at the gym, the points are generated and are given to the player. The player is supposed to tap on the screen or to swipe onto them in order to collect those coins. New training equipment along with expansion of area of gym can be done with these points collected by the player.

Different equipment

Different and vast variety of equipment is also offered in the game to the customers. These different equipment are there and are to be used by the customers in order to maintain their physique and to stay in shape.

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Key Features of Hot Gym Game

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited level ups
  • Free Upgrades of equipment & character

Unlimited Money

Gems are the main currency of this game, and the mod APK version offers free and unlimited gems to the player playing it. The gems can be used in order to have different equipment in the game. The simple version do not offer this luxury of free unlimited coins and the player is supposed to earn coins in simple mode by doing different tasks.

Unlimited level ups

Leveling up has become really easy in the mod apk version as the game offer unlimited level ups without doing anything. In the simple mode, the levelling up is difficult as compared to the mod APK version. The player is supposed to Flirt and train with different girls in order to level up in the simple mode.

Free Upgrades of equipment & character

As the machine using which the exercise is done are used all the time in the gym by the women customers, so they often get broke or some part of it needs maintenance. So the maintenance and upgrades of the gym equipment in the mod APK version is totally free of cost. The player not even to pay any single penny to upgrade those machines.

Instead of the machines, the people hired by us as the trainer of the women can also be upgraded. So the trainers can also be upgraded using the money hat will help them in the improved training of their students in the gym.

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How to download & install Hot Gym Mod APK?

To download/install Hot Gym Mod APK, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Hot Gym Mod APK app from and let the download finish.
  2. Install the game once the download finishes and then go to settings of the device.
  3. Enable Unknown sources from the settings.
  4. Once the installation finishes, launch the game and enjoy the features.







Frequently asked questions

The following are some frequently asked questions.

Is the game Age restricted?

As the game features Women in gym and has got some dirty theme and visuals so it do is age restricted. An adult should only try this game because of these visuals and themes.

Is the game safe to download?

Yes, the game is totally safe to download as the anti-virus software downloaded on to the device detects the game before we open it.

Is it free?

Yes, the game is totally free and along with being free it is also ad free. So, the user can download the mod apk version for free and can enjoy the luxuries of unlimited resources and upgrades for free without any cost.


At the end I would just like to conclude that the game is one of its kind as the game features the gym theme in such a good and excellent graphics along with the sound quality. The game also enables us to understand how a gym works so if someone is into the business of gym then it will make him able to understand the working of gym and will make him aware of the works and upgrades required at a gym. It is also a fun game that will help a person to spend good and quality time while playing the game.


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