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How To Download & Install GTA Vice City Mobile APK & OBB

GTA Vice City Mobile is one of the most famous and wonderful action and open-world games ever. Mainly it is published for the window. But now you can play this game on every platform like PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, and Android phones. It was released on October 29, 2002. Rockstar Games offer it. This game has beautiful and realistic gameplay. People like to play this game because it is a very popular open-world game. Now you can also play this game on your Android mobile phone and enjoy the practical gaming experience of GTA Vice City. It is the most famous and excellent open-world game ever. All the kids want to play this game on their mobile phones now that the mobile version is published.

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GTA Vice City Mobile Apk

First of all, you must have a fast and high-space mobile phone. You can mostly find some really low and particularly average graphic games from for all intents and purposes many developers but you want to find the most latest version of GTA Vice City in a pretty big way. So here we’re providing you with a terrific version of GTA Vice City and its OBB file, contrary to popular belief. There is no regulation to root your mobile phone devices. Games on Android aside from basic access in a major way. It is one of the most amazing open-world and action games ever.

GTA Vice City is an impressive design in this leisure and also you can virtually understand a little reasonable exhibition cellphone so you can play this game on your mobile phone, or so they thought. Try not to think it essentially is an ordinary game like a different game that you really buy and particularly get huge downloads from the Google Play Store, which is quite significant. You want to download GTA Vice City Apk an OBB file and every one of these specifically needs almost 1 GB of space on your mobile phone and it takes just 10 minutes in a major way.  It

GTA Vice City Mobile

Game Name GTA Vice City Mobile
Offered by Rockstar Games
Released on
Dec 6, 2012
Updated On 1 Day Ago
Version 1.12
Downloads 1,000,000+
Rating 4.1
Mod Features Free/Unlimited Money
Platform Android (6.0 and up)
Size 1 Gigabyte (GB)
Category Action, Single Player
Root No Required


In the game GTA Vice City mobile for Android users, you will discover a big city where only honest citizens live according to the laws in a big way. But there are no laws for the criminals. Finished impossible missions most of which are linked to bandit gags or arcade enacting of completing missions. The main personality in this game is Tommy Vercetti, a gentleman who previously come from jail in a major way. To achieve money and for the most part take respect he starts to generally reach out the orders from powerful councils, at the similar time not declining to conduct side tasks, or so they thought.

The story of this game is very amazing and realistic it for the most part is like a generally real-life story in which a man for the most part becomes a criminal to generally earn money and gain honor in a big way. He fights with different kinds of gangs and essentially becomes a single-man army. Download this game now and kind of enjoy its brilliant story and gameplay. Before finishing the missions received in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you will have to generally break the laws and get prepared for the truth that the police will be curious about you in vice city, contrary to popular belief. It is the best open-world game in which you can do whatever you want subtly.

True, this attention can be barely definitely stifled by a tiny financial fact but still, you should not ignore too much, which is fairly significant. If you go to jail in any case when the order is to be released, you will need an amount many times extra than a sort of normal bribe and the task completed at the time of internment will not be figured out in a big way. All of the personalities, amazing sports cars, civilians, and structures are generally worked out in extraordinary detail.

You need to fairly complete the missions of many different gangs. One gang leader’s name is Diaz. He may have become a good friend of ours but he tried to kill us. Tommy kind of kills him and takes all of his property. In this open-world game, players can investigate and pick how they wish to play the game. Even though storyline missions are important to advance through the game and open specific regions and content, they are not needed, as the player can finish them at their relaxation.

While not taking on a storyline mission, the player can unreservedly wander the game’s reality. The player can likewise participate in an assortment of discretionary side missions. Steal any car you for the most part want and drive in the vice city streets or essentially analyze the amazingly beautiful city on foot and have much fun, which is quite significant. In the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, any type of vehicle is available for activity, containing an aeroplane and very several categories of weapons and very other things.

Part of the mission he receives and he must finish off clearly, the rest he is free to do at will, contrary to popular belief. Also, Tommy has a friend in this game whose name is Lance but he becomes an enemy in the end. You can drive any car you like in this game and do whatever you want, very contrary to popular belief. There are also many missions in which you can catch the enemies and kill them that for the most part were very realistic and entertaining.

You can also go to clubs and dance with girls in a very big way. You can also drive an ambulance and generally do missions in a big way. Also, you mostly become a police officer and save the city from criminals, contrary to popular belief. The story and graphics of this game are unique so download this game now and enjoy its practical gameplay on your Android phone.

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How to Install GTA Vice City Mobile APK & OBB?

Follow My Steps:

  1. Click on the Download Button and Save GTA Vice City Mobile Apk & Obb.
  2. Go to the Download folder and Find The GTA San Andreas Apk File.
  3. Click on it once and Install it.
  4. Now Find Obb File and Extract it.
  5. Move it to GTA Vice City Mobile Folder.

(Make sure to allow installs from unknown sources from your mobile phone’s settings)

(You must have high specs mobile device with a fast internet connection). 

GTA Vice City Mobile

GTA Vice City Mobile

GTA Vice City Mobile

GTA Vice City Mobile


Q: Can we play GTA Vice City on iOS?

GTA Vice City mobile version is published on Both Android and iOS but on iOS, you need to buy this game there is no other choice to play this game on iOS.

Q: Is this game safe to download?

Yes, it is safe to download this Grand Theft Auto Vice City into your mobile phones.

Q: Do you need to root the device to download GTA San Andreas?

No, we don’t require rooting our mobile phone to run this game on your mobiles. The GTA Vice City is effortlessly installed on non-root devices.

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