Dragon City MOD APK Latest (Unlimited Gems & Money)

Dragon city mod apk attempts to be a peer-to-peer social network in which players are responsible for managing different types of fire-breathing dragons on an island. It is available on the Google Play store and is very popular with all age groups. This game is mainly about feeding dragons with resources available in order to increase their numbers and make them healthy.

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The game Dragon City is extremely popular among teens who like to collect different colors of dragons and wish to become dragon masters. You’ll have a more enjoyable gaming experience thanks to Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems. During gameplay, you can make use of this resource because it’s always in short supply.

Dragon City mod apk

Game Name Dragon City
Offered By Social point
Released on May 8, 2012
Updated On March 23, 2022
Version Latest
Downloads 100,000,000+
Rating 4.4
Mod Features MOD Menu + Unlimited everything
Platform Android
Size 139 Megabytes (MB)
Category Simulation
Root No Required

Features of Dragon City MOD APK

Dragon City mod apk includes the following features:

Access to online multiplayer

The only difference between these offline mods and automatic VS computer simulation games is that they can provide you with the features described above, but they cannot access online games. However, you can play any multiplayer game on Dragon City if you download the mod apk.
The adapters are available
Access to games can be done from anywhere. With this application, you can log in multiple times and save your game so you can play it wherever you are.

The process of controlling is simple

As far as interface and overall gameplay is concerned, the Dragon City Mod apk is exactly the same as the original. There is an excellent plugin control system in this game, which makes it easy to play. A dragon city, which includes buildings, farms, as well as habitats, must be constructed for this game. Additionally, dragon eggs must be obtained to create new dragons and raise their level, allowing them to have more fun fighting dragons. You can finish all of these missions extremely easily using the Dragon Fire Mod apk.

Gems without limits

In the game, gems are a valuable currency resource that is very hard to get. You will get unlimited gems from our Dragon City Mod Apk, so you won’t need to spend a lot of time playing the game, winning battles, and getting gems to purchase the highest quality dragons. With our Mod apk, you will become the best player in the game. If you’re rich and willing to pay real money, then yes, you can purchase as many gems as you want.

Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Everything Android 1 is the Editor’s Choice single-player stylish game offered by Socialpoint on 3 July 2013 on the Mobile platform. Actually, this game was first played on Facebook and then it became popular and was released on Android and iOS. This game has 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store. This game is liked because of its amazing graphics and beautiful gameplay.

A limitless supply of gold

This mod provides you with unlimited gold which is a major advantage that you will be able to gain. Gold can then be used to purchase numerous resources from the shop. We need Gold to build many things in Dragon City, including terra habitats and sea habitats. Using gold, you can unlock a variety of different dragons, such as the Sea Dragon and the Nature Dragon.

How to Play Dragon City 

Build the city of Dragons on the floating island and collect the many baby dragons as you can and take care of them until they become adults. The more dragons you collect, the stronger your team will be. You’ve more chance to win the battles. Dragons will lay eggs and you’ve to collect them and take care of them.

As soon they pop out new baby dragons come out. This is the feeding process. This process brings your level up.

BATTLES MOD APK of Dragon City

When you think you have enough dragons now so you have taken them out and have to fight with other dragons by 1v1. There are two modes one PvP and the second PvE. It increases your rank in tournaments and leagues.

As we know gems and gold are the currency of this game and if we need something or dragons. We need to spend them. But here Modprince offering you Dragon City Mod Apk V 10.7 with everything unlimited including food,

gems, golds. The main and big benefit of the mod of Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Everything Android 1 is that you can enjoy all dragons unlocked. This dragon city mod will make you the best player in this game. You can enjoy all dragons and their abilities and defeat any powerful opponents. So download it and be one of the best players of Dragon City Mod Apk.

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There are all Unlocked Dragons list 

  • Dracon Dragon
  • Bohemian Dragon
  • Super Star Dragon
  • Dual Dragon
  • Legacy Dragon
  • Titan Dragon
  • Wind Dragon
  • Terra Dragons
  • Flame Dragons
  • Sea Dragons
  • Nature Dragons
  • Electric Dragons
  • Metal Dragons
  • Ice Dragons
  • Dark Dragons

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Dragon City Features in Details

First of all, I am Gonna tell you that if you download this mod version of dragon city 10.7, you don’t need to worry about any banning issues because this is not hacking. This is the mod version mod apk of Dragon City

and this is the legal and secret way to get Unlocked all dragons. This is very easy to download and install the dragon city mod apk 10.7 file on your mobile device. There is no harmful virus in this mod file that destroys your mobile phone. This is Totally ad-free version means there is no ad to show in this game.

No need to access a VPN or anything like it. You don’t need to root or buy anything just download Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Everything Android 1 and enjoy unlimited & Unlocked everything.

Benefit Of Unlimited Gems

Gems are the most important and they are hard to get them in-game. You can only get them by winning PvP or opening a chest. As we know we can buy them from a shop by spending real money but they are a little expensive and everyone doesn’t want to spend his money. But here you don’t need to spend your real money and time to get more and more gems. Just download Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Everything Android 1 to get unlimited gems to enjoy the game features.

The benefit of Unlimited Gold

Gold’s are the primary currency of dragon city and it is the most usable. Way to get golds you have to win the tournament or daily desires bonus which takes a long time. But as you know is offering you a dragon city mod apk where you enjoy Unlimited golds. So download Dragon City and enjoy the game.

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Key Features Of Dragon City MOD APK

  • Unlimited Golds
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlocked All Dragons
  • Compatible For All Android Devices
  • Just One Click To Install Dragon City Mod Apk File
  • No Root Need (Legal Way)
  • Totally Free
  • No need To access Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • 0% to get ban
  • Easy To Update
  • Nothing Harmful or virus in Dragon City Mod Apk File

How to Download & Install Dragon City MOD APK

  • Follow my steps to get a mod apk of Dragon City.
  • First Have to Uninstall Old Dragon City which You Download From Google Play Store.
  • Then click on the Download Option and save Dragon City Mod Apk file on your mobile device.
  • Just Go to Download Folder & Find the Dragon City Mod Apk file
  • Just click on it & install the Dragon city mod apk and enjoy unlimited Everything.
  • (Make sure to allow installs from unknown sources from Android mobile Settings)

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Dragon City mod apk

Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Everything Android 1

Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Everything Android 1

Dragon City MOD APK Unlimited Everything Android 1


People Might Ask

The following are some frequently asked questions.

Is it safe to use this Dragon City Mod Apk?

It is 100% safe and secure for you to use Dragon City mod Apk. The game can be downloaded from its official website, so don’t worry about security.

Is it possible to participate in dragon city events?

There are many different events you can participate in, either on a daily or monthly basis.

What is the purpose of gems in the dragon city?

Gems can be used to accelerate the breeding process, buy resources, expand your dragon city, and improve your dragon’s abilities.

Can Dragon City be played on both PC and iOS?

The official website of this application allows you to download the game. As well as downloading the game, you can play it online and on Facebook.


The main purpose of Dragon City, an amazing adventure game, is that you will be able to train and refine your dragons’ skills so that they can have battles against other dragons as well as take part in wars against other dragon cities.

You can not only acquire dragons in Dragon City Mod apk, but also breed them and nourish them to get the best results. Mod apk version allows you to not only breed these dragons but also make sure they are ready for battle so you can enjoy the best gaming experience. In this article, we have outlined in detail how to download and install Dragon City Mod Apk along with its features.

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