Animal Restaurant MOD APK

Animal Restaurant MOD APK v9.0 (Unlimited money)

Although you can find many restaurant games, and games where you can cook recipes to serve your customers, the animal restaurant mod apk is a cute game with so many adorable characters, where a stray cat starts to establish a restaurant. You get to make recipes that please your customers, get their feedback, and upgrade your restaurant.

Animal Restaurant is a cute and straightforward game; once you start playing it, you get glued to your phone. DH-Publishers developed it, and it has millions of players worldwide. It is the most accessible simulation game with unlimited money. To establish a top-class restaurant, the player needs to make recipes, choose how to design the restaurant, serve, and get feedback from your customers.

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Animal Restaurant mod apk

Name Animal Restaurant
Publisher DH-Publisher
Ratings 4.7/5
Downloads 10M
Category Simulation
Platforms Android 4.2+
MOD Unlimited Money
Latest Version 8.9

Gameplay – Animal Restaurant MOD APK

The gameplay of Animal restaurant is quite simple. A stray cat starts developing a restaurant; you help her with the restaurant design, make recipes, clean up the place, and hire new primary cats. But you get customers like fox, rabbit, pigs, and dogs, and you have to enlighten them with your dishes and recipes, provide hospitality, and make them happy.

Getting feedback from your customers is necessary. While laying the game, a red line starts to show if your customer waits too long with no services or food provided. They get angry and leave, so you need to please them from your recipes. The gameplay is exciting.

If you are an animal lover, this is the best game to play. The gameplay is very vibrant ad interesting to play. You build your house get a wondering cat into your restaurant that helps you run your business because the family is trying to build up the business and run a restaurant. So, putting it so that the cat helps them get their restaurant to be successful.

Deal with the customers and get their feedback, make recipes solely to make them happy, and keep the place running; talk to them—all of this moving around a restaurant and a simple business.

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Features of Animal Restaurant

Following are some of the cutest features one can find in the animal restaurant:

Animal center game

The animal restaurant is a very different simulation game. Now you download the game and enjoy the fun of the animal restaurant on your phone. With a cute little cat helping you, you get to manage the restaurant and keep the business running.

Decorate your Restaurant

So, the first thing you have to consider is making your restaurant look beautiful. Because an eye-catching place gets the attention of the customers. You are provided options on how you can decorate your restaurant, decorate it, and with each passing level upgrade, the new items add new things to the place.

Water the garden and collect ingredients

Secondly, to make new recipes, you need ingredients, farm the vegetables in your garden. Grow them and then collect them to create new recipes. It is an excellent initiative for homegrown ingredients for the restaurant. Watering the garden will help you grow the ingredients and when they are ready, pick them up.

Enjoy the recipes

In the animal restaurant, you get to make new recipes that would make your customers happy. But at the beginning, you need to learn how to make recipes. Then you can freely unlock more sweet and delicious recipes. A few recipes include:

  • Cool shaved ice.
  • Sweet strawberry pancakes.
  • Delicious spaghetti dishes.
  • Healthy avocado sandwich.
  • Satisfying pizzas in the animal restaurant ad.

Hire staff

With only one cate helper you cannot help running the restaurant, so you need more employees. Hiring new employees will help you run this place, with waiters, cleaners, dishwashers, more chefs, so you have to be careful with the staff. It is recommended to hire cats in your team. It would help if you managed them by working and providing better services.

Capture moments and share

With the game’s simulation, you can take and capture pictures and moments of your restaurant. Save the images with these dealings with the animals as a memory. You can even share them.


Coming towards the most crucial thing, graphics, one cannot stop admiring the eye-catching view. The pictures are cute with these cute, adorable animals, especially cats, their chef hats, and recipes. It amazes one at first glance.

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Key Features Animal Restaurant

  • It can be played freely
  • Completing the daily mission and getting rewards
  • Compete with friends and online gamers
  • Meet up with animals friends
  • Unlimited money & gems
  • Get unlimited upgraded items
  • Free from ads

How to Download & install Animal Restaurant mod apk?

You can download the mod apk version of animal Restaurant through the following guide:

  1. Open the downloaded zip file
  2. Extract the ZIP file
  3. Place the extracted content into the SD card of your Android device
  4. The name of the extracted folder must be droidhang.
  5. Install Animal Restaurant apk file
  6. Open the game and enjoy

(Make sure to allow installs from unknown sources from your mobile phone’s settings)


Animal Restaurant mod apk

Animal Restaurant mod apk

Animal Restaurant mod apk

Animal Restaurant mod apk

Animal Restaurant MOD APK

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions.

Who invented the animal restaurant?

The animal restaurant was developed by Chinese Developer Wei wang as a mobile game phone.

Are animal restaurants played offline?

The animal restaurant cannot be played offline, and it will be played online.

How do you gather customers in the animal restaurant?

You get three free gather choices that lead you to a maximum of six gather without any ads; the customer can be moved or flipped as shown on the camera screen.

What are the bells for in an animal restaurant?

To buy items from the signature store, the bells are used in Animal Restaurant.

Who is the celebrity chef of the animal restaurant?

The celebrity chef for the animal restaurant is chef Matty Matheson.


In my conclusion of the game, it is entirely fascinating. The Animal restaurant is a cute, adorable easy play simulation and a relaxing game one can play anywhere he wants on his phone.

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